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selling condition
A purchase agreement between the building company and the costumer will be draw up, including costs, delivery time and terms, as stated on ‘what is included’ package price.

What is included on the package and sold on the final prize:

Progetto definitivo                             
Detailed design 
Progetto di calcolo dei Cementi Armati (esclusa fondazione)                     
Structural plan and structure calculation (foundations not included)
Proggettazione  Legge 10/91 sul contenimento dei consumi energetici   
Energy saving calculation (according to Italian laws)
Piano Operativo di Sicurezza (per le  sole opere di nostra competenza)   
Building site safety procedures (according to Italian laws)
Direzione cantiere (per le  sole opere di nostra competenza)                      
Building site management of operations (only for the work under our responsibility)
Costi fissi di cantiere in ragione del 3% (trepercento) dell’appalto              
Building site fee (3% of the contract value)
Fornitura e posa PARETI ECOSISM (esterne ed interne) complete di CLS e ferro d’ armatura                                                                  
Ecosism’s modules supply and installation, internal and external, including Concrete and rebar
Fornitura e posa igloo sp cm 35                                                                        
Under-floor cavities (“igloo”, thickness 35cm) supply and installation ventilated
Getto completamento igloo + cappa armata                                                    
Cast on site on the “igloo” including reinforcing bar metal mesh
Sfiati per igloo                                                                                                       
Igloo ventilation
Isolante sp cm 14 sopra igloo                                                                            
Insulating layer (14 cm thickness)
Massetto alleggerito piano terra                                                                        
Light ground floor light screed
Fornitura e posa SOLAIO ECOSISM completo di CLS e ferro d’ armatura                                                                                   
Ecosism’s floor supply and installation, including concrete and reinforcing bars
Massetto delle pendenze in copertura                                                             
Gradient roof screed
Guaina idrorepellente in copertura mm 4 -15°c                                              
Waterproof sheath (4mm thickness at 15°C)
Pareti divisorie interne in laterizio sp cm 8/12                                                
Internal brick walls (8-12 cm thickness)
IVA al 4% prima casa                                                                                           
V.A.T. 4%, according to Italian laws.
The package prize is valid inside a 100 km range from Ecosism’s company.
Any other voice not present on this list isn’t included. The final price is calculated on the “what is included on the package prize” list only.

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sale condition


living the progress


design and sales of earthquake-proof houses in Class A

                                                                                                          Planning and sale of which prefabricated antiseismic houses in class “A”

                                                                                      Operating center: via S. Maria Ausiliatrice 5/a 35030 Selvazzano Dentro, Padua, Italy